Maintenance Requests

All requests for building services should be entered into Angus. This is a web-based system created for tenants' to view building notices, submit work requests and request vendor/visitor access to the building during regular hours and off hours. The request is electronically dispatched to the appropriate personnel to address this service. If you have a question about whether or not a service is billable, please contact the Management Office.

Please contact the Management Office to add and/or remove users to, or from Angus.

Should you require routine cleaning, heating, air conditioning or other special services on any of the Holidays, please inform the Management Office and enter an Angus work ticket. Given that the Building staff and contractors also observe these Holidays, you will be charged for any Building services. See the Additional Service Rates for the cost of these services, excluding cleaning. You will need to reach out to the Building cleaning representative for any Holiday cleaning estimates/costs.